Wto Legal Officer

For translators: A university degree (or equivalent professional qualification), preferably in languages, economics or law, a postgraduate degree in translation would be an asset, the ability to translate specialist texts on a wide range of subjects quickly, accurately and in an appropriate style, a good knowledge of international trade, economics and legal affairs, familiarity with computer-assisted translation tools. Proposals on legal services Proposals on legal issues are also mentioned in Professional and Business Services WTO spokespersons and communicators provide factual information on WTO activities through various channels in order to explain WTO activities in a way that is understandable to different target groups. They monitor media coverage of trade issues and establish channels of communication with journalists, civil society, parliamentarians and other stakeholders. The WTO Secretariat employs more than 600 people from about 80 WTO member countries. Staff responsibilities include dispute resolution lawyers, lawyers, trade policy analysts and specialists, research economists and statisticians who contribute to the smooth conduct of trade negotiations and the proper application of international trade rules. Other responsibilities include press officers, translators and interpreters, finance, IT, human resources professionals, etc. who support the WTO`s mission. The principles of trade in legal services, as for all services, are set out in the GATS. Prerequisite: Advanced university degree (Master`s degree or equivalent) in law (including international trade law and international law), knowledge of international, legal and economic principles and issues, judicial procedures and practices, high level of legal writing skills, analytical and problem-solving skills and presentation skills, and ability to work in a multicultural team. Dispute settlement lawyers contribute to the WTO dispute settlement process by assisting a dispute panel or Appellate Body members considering an appeal. Their task is to provide substantive legal advice and research on legal, technical or procedural issues in dispute resolution or appeal proceedings.

The sector includes advisory and representation services for host country law, home country and/or third country law, international law, legal documentation and certification, as well as other advisory and information services. Trade policy analysts/specialists and legal and economic representatives work in various departments of the WTO Secretariat. In addition to providing technical advice to their respective departments, they support bodies overseen by WTO departments (committees, working groups, negotiating groups, etc.) and contribute to trade policy review mechanisms established at the WTO. They also conduct research and analysis, and provide technical support and training on relevant topics. Prerequisites: Advanced university degree in journalism or a relevant field and relevant work experience, as well as strong communication skills, drawing skills and familiarity with a range of media tools. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to the WTO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland (or by videoconference) to participate in an interview with a selection board and take a written test. The WTO covers travel and accommodation costs. Please complete and submit your online application form for the job offer you are interested in via the WTO e-recruitment website. All of our temporary vacancies are posted on the WTO e-recruitment website, usually for a period of four weeks.

They are also advertised via various social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The functions described above are only general descriptions. For job descriptions and specific job requirements, please refer to the vacancy announcements published on the WTO e-Recruitment website. Information management professionals at the WTO organize and make available information resources through cataloguing, the provision of reference services and, where appropriate, the application of international standards. They ensure that documents and information produced by the WTO are stored in a structured manner, in areas such as records management, library, on-line documents, registers or archiving systems. Requirements: High school diploma, desirable secretarial/office management qualifications, knowledge of MS application suite (or equivalent), familiarity with document formatting and editing, organizational skills, attention to detail and ability to work under pressure and in a team. The WTO`s remuneration policy is based on the principle of equal pay for work of equal value. Research economists conduct research on policy issues related to WTO activities. In particular, they play a leading role in the preparation of the WTO`s most important publication, the World Trade Report, prepare new analytical reports and, if necessary, provide economic expertise to other parts of the Secretariat. They also provide technical support and training on relevant topics. Prerequisite: Basic university degree in computer science, theoretical knowledge and/or proven expertise equivalent to an advanced university degree in a relevant field, ability to work in a team and coordination of cross-functional teams to accomplish tasks, good communication skills.

The selection committee prepares a report, which is reviewed by an internal committee on the basis of various information gathered during the selection process. An internal committee then reviews the report submitted by the selection board and makes a final recommendation to the Director-General on the appointment of the candidate. The Director-General shall take the final decision on the selection of the candidate to be appointed. The Human Resources Department (HRD) and the Recruitment Department review all applications taking into account the requirements set out in the job offer and establish a shortlist. Candidates may be asked to take a test from the comfort of their own home as part of the screening process. On this basis, a final list of candidates is drawn up. Legal services are included in the new services negotiations that began in January 2000. Prerequisites: Advanced university degree (Master`s degree or equivalent) in a quantitative subject such as mathematics, statistics or economics, knowledge of statistical concepts, good computer skills for statistical analysis and database/information management, ability to work in a multicultural team. Requirements: High school diploma, desirable secretarial/office management qualifications, knowledge of the MS application suite (or equivalent) at an advanced level, understanding and expertise of administrative procedures including staff regulations and rules, excellent multitasking and communication skills, and ability to work effectively in a multicultural environment.

After a final decision by the Director-General, an offer for the post will be made to the selected candidate. Typically, the human resources department contacts the selected candidate by phone. Requirements: A graduate college degree in accounting or a related field focused on finance, or a combination of a basic college degree with an accountant qualification or with professional certification in the relevant discipline, advanced accounting/financial management skills, good business intelligence application skills, and advanced analytical skills. The WTO strives to attract and retain staff who ensure the highest level of competence, efficiency and integrity. As an equal opportunities employer, the WTO pays full attention to performance and diversity. Statisticians provide quantitative information on economic and trade policy issues. They collect and organize trade-related data, maintain relevant WTO databases, and analyse and disseminate data. The results of WTO statisticians are made available to relevant WTO committees and used for trade policy reviews and other research areas. In order to provide information in the three working languages of the WTO – English, French and Spanish – the WTO Language Service translates about 48 million words (96,000 pages) per year and provides interpretation services for nearly 3,600 meetings per year. To carry out these tasks, it relies on translators/revisers, translation specialists and interpreters. The recruitment process for temporary positions in the WTO Secretariat generally consists of six steps: Prerequisites: Advanced university degree (Master`s degree or equivalent degree) in international relations, economics, law or related field, knowledge of the relevant WTO Agreements and system, high level of drafting skills, research and analytical skills, Presentation skills and ability to be part of a multicultural team. Candidates may be asked to complete a personality assessment questionnaire as part of the selection process.

The human resources department conducts appropriate reference checks. Human resources professionals strive to attract new talent to the WTO, provide quality services to employees, ensure competitive compensation and benefits, support employees through a variety of learning and professional development opportunities, and support the performance management cycle.