Wisconsin Exhaust Laws

The Wisconsin state legislature states that no one should modify the exhaust system of such a motor vehicle in a way that “amplifies or increases the noise emitted by the engine.” The legislator also mentions that the exhaust system should not be modified to increase noise beyond what the original muffler installed in the vehicle emits it. If you are attached to your exhaust system, you can use it in the insulation of your own home. However, once you are on the public road, you now fall under our rules as a company and, yes, you will be held accountable. Although most will associate this with Harley-Davidson models, I think it is safe to say that even foreign models are subject to the same problem: the installation of modified exhausts. An interactive map showing each state`s exhaust noise laws provided by SAN can be viewed here. The following is Wisconsin State Law 347.39(1), which covers noisy exhausts: With noisy exhausts, it`s very easy. If your exhaust system is broken, fix it. If you purchased an exhaust system that was not originally supplied for the vehicle or motorcycle, make sure it is not unreasonably noisy. In many of these situations, the exhaust systems are modified so that the noise coming directly from the engine is only slightly disturbed, resulting in an extremely boring experience for everyone in the area. Each state has its own regulations/rules regarding muffler/exhaust systems.

In Maine, a muffler or exhaust system must not emit noise greater than 95 decibels. In several states, including Michigan and Pennsylvania, the decibel limit varies depending on how fast the vehicle is moving. In addition, “no silencer or exhaust system of a vehicle shall be equipped with a stop, bypass or similar device, and the exhaust system of such a vehicle shall not be equipped with a system which ignites the exhaust gas in order to produce flames inside or outside the exhaust system”. As the weather warms up and the snow melts, more vehicles can be seen on Wisconsin`s roads, some louder than others. But what are Wisconsin`s laws on exhaust gases and mufflers? However, for ATVs and UTVs, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources says these vehicles must have an exhaust system with a spark arrestor and must not be louder than 96 decibels. If you have a modified vehicle and live in Wisconsin or plan to move to Wisconsin, you need to know the laws that determine whether your car or truck is road legal. The following regulations govern vehicle modifications in Wisconsin. The law also states that exhaust systems may not be “modified in a manner that amplifies or increases engine noise beyond the noise of the muffler originally installed in the vehicle.” Modifications that create flames inside or outside the exhaust system are prohibited. The subsection also applies to motorcycles and vehicles must be equipped with a “sufficient” silencer that prevents “excessive” or unusual noise or “annoying” smoke. Another issue that has been raised is the presence of loud motor vehicle music on the roadway.

In both cases, please note that when it comes to law enforcement, we have an obligation to maintain peace and order in our community. The desire of part of our population to do what it wants is unacceptable. Just because you like the loud rumble that comes from your bike doesn`t mean you`re allowed to invade others to enjoy a peaceful afternoon. Wisconsin has no engine modification or exchange regulations. There are seven counties where emissions testing is required. For more information, visit the Wisconsin DMV website. Truck bumpers should not be more than nine inches above the height of the plant. I am now writing about this topic so that owners of these vehicles have time to contact their dealers or spare parts stores and arrange the purchase and installation of the right equipment. Even if this is not a popular act, it is our duty and I hope that all can cherish and respect our commitment to maintaining peace and tranquility in our communities.

(WFRV) – Have you ever wondered where this loud noise came from, just so that it was a passing vehicle making enough noise to vibrate the windows. Is it legal in Wisconsin? “RADIOS OR OTHER ELECTRICAL SOUND AMPLIFICATION DEVICES: No person shall drive, park, stop or stop or stop a motor vehicle when using a radio or other electrical sound amplification device that, at a distance of 75 feet or more, emits a sound from the vehicle audible under normal conditions, unless the electrical noise amplification device is used to call for help or to warn of a dangerous situation. If anyone has any questions or concerns about this, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 920-255-1100. Thank you very much. “No person shall drive a motor vehicle subject to registration on a public highway if the motor vehicle is not equipped with a suitable silencer which is constantly in operation and properly maintained in order to avoid excessive or unusual noise or annoying smoke. This subsection shall also apply to motorcycles. Cord Buckner is an administrative lieutenant with the Wausau Police Department. Email your questions to [email protected] or mail to 515 Grand Ave., Wausau, WI 54403. All vehicles must be equipped with silencers that are too noisy or prevent excessive noise. Wisconsin offers collectible plates that have no restrictions on daily driving or vehicle age.

Wisconsin has restrictions on frame changes and suspension: I was embarrassed to admit that we haven`t done enough in our enforcement, and it`s time to bring those violations back into line. Car bumpers can be raised to two inches from the original factory height. Recently, I received a call from a citizen asking me what we were doing about noisy vehicles and motorcycles, especially motorcycles. While this may be the case, we all need to consider the people around us and whether or not they need to listen to that music. There is no reason for a vehicle`s audio system to be heard two blocks away and, in some cases, literally “felt” at the same distance. The following is Wisconsin State Law 346.94 (16), which covers loud music from a motor vehicle: If you want to hear your vehicle`s high-decibel sound system, feel free to park it in your backyard and enjoy it. Please note that in this case, whether on the street or in your garden, you will still have to refuse it if it becomes a nuisance for your neighbors. Question: What is the law regarding noisy silencers? With all the summer traffic, there are times when I can hear someone`s muffler a few blocks away. Vehicles with a gross laden weight of less than 10,000 pounds must not have a bumper height greater than 31 inches. We all enjoy our own musical tastes, and we all love listening to it as we travel to and from our destinations.

It is believed that if the music is good at low volume, it will be even better at a higher volume. Answer: Wisconsin Law 347.39 and Section 305.20 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code clarify the standards for vehicle mufflers: The law does not require an officer to determine an actual decibel level to enforce the law; The observation and description of the offence by the official is usually sufficient. 4×4 vehicles with a gross weight have a suspension limit of 5 inches. The law states, among other things, that a person may only drive a vehicle “if that vehicle is equipped with an adequate silencer.