Whats the Darkest Legal Tint in Ms

Mississippi`s window tint laws limit the darkness of films that can be applied to vehicle windows. However, there is a medical exception that allows tinting beyond what is permitted by law when a physician provides a verification opinion that it is medically necessary. Below, we`ll discuss all the information you need to know if you`re planning to tone your car windows in Mississippi. Mississippi law states that front windows can be tinted up to 28% light transmission and rear windows up to 20% light transmission. There`s no specific mention of how a movie can be dark or light, so 5% hues would probably be legal. However, it`s always best to check with a local law enforcement agency to confirm this. Another reason people choose to tint their windows is that they offer privacy. Our Mississippi laws on window tint are in effect for 2022. These laws govern how dark and reflective your automatic hue can be, but they also establish other rules and regulations that you need to be aware of.

If you want to install window film on your car in Mississippi, you`ll need a state colored sticker. This sticker indicates that your car has been approved for dyeing by the state. You can get a colored sticker at any Mississippi Department of Motor Vehicle office. VLT%: Visible light transmission is the measure used to evaluate automotive window tints. This is the percentage of visible light passing through the film (Film-VLT%) or window plus the film mesh VLT. The lower the VLT, the darker the shade. Line AS-1: This is the line that extends from the letters AS-1, which are found on most motor vehicle windshields and are parallel to the top of the windshield. Windshield: Your windshield cannot be tinted in any condition, but some states allow you to put a sticker on top of the windshield, usually in the area of the manufacturer`s sun visor. The tint of the windows helps protect the interior of your car. In Mississippi, as in most states, windshield glass tinting is allowed up to the manufacturer`s AS-1 line, a strip marked with a small lettering on the windshield glass itself.

This windshield shade does not need to be reflective. If the AS-1 line can`t be located, it`s a good idea not to tint below five inches from the top of the windshield window. Car side and rear windows (i.e. the rear windshield) are subject to the same hue rules in Mississippi: car windows can be tinted to 28% VLT, a darker tint than allowed in most states, and more than enough to add privacy and improve the reduction of solar energy from window tint. Keep in mind that even much lighter window films – in fact, even light shades – can reduce infrared heat and keep the car cooler, blocking 99% of the sun`s UV light, stopping cabin sun damage such as faded upholstery and cracked dashboards, So you don`t need a dark shade if you care more about solar energy and damage reduction than the privacy or style of your car. Note that not all automatic Mississippi hues can be more than 20% reflective. The darkness of the glass tint is measured by the percentage of visible light transmission (VLT%). In Mississippi, this refers to the percentage of visible light allowed through the sheet and glass. However, there are some limitations.

The windshield cannot be tinted at all, and the rear window can only be tinted to 15%. In addition, the side windows must allow a light transmission greater than 70%. So if you`re looking for a way to darken your windows beyond the 20% limit, you may need a special permit from the state. Finally, the tint protects you from harmful UV rays while driving. If you don`t follow Mississippi`s hue rules, you can get crushed and there are penalties. The state of Mississippi has fairly gentle hue laws that allow drivers to have up to 20% tint on their windows. This is great news for drivers who want to darken their car windows to ensure privacy or reduce the amount of sunlight entering the car. Read on to learn more about how your windows can be reflective, how dark you can be, and other rules for tinting your vehicle`s windows.

It`s best to know all the applicable laws and follow them closely when dyeing your windows in Mississippi. UV rays are linked to skin cancer, and dye can help you stay healthy. * Table and image source: instamotor.com/blog/window-tinting-laws-50-states Mississippi does not have a specific hue rule for side mirrors. Below we discuss other rules of tincture and what else you need to know. When tinted, the glass is held together and does not break like normal glass.