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We provide legal advice on holding company formation, private wealth management, general corporate work, purchase agreements, joint ventures, employment law and immigration law. Our legal and corporate support includes the preparation of commercial contracts and models, employment contracts and corporate secretarial services. “Exceptional boutique IP firm offering IP-focused legal services covering both litigation and non-litigation issues.” (3) Any person claiming to have acquired ownership of patents must register the transaction We have undergone rigorous training in intellectual property law and passed a series of rigorous legal and practical examinations supervised by the patent offices of the UK, Europe and Singapore. We are qualified to advise on all aspects of intellectual property law, including obtaining IP rights (e.g. patent drafting, prosecution and grant), enforcement of IP rights (e.g. patent infringement and trademark infringement), IP enforcement (e.g., patent revocation, patent opposition, trademark revocation and trademark opposition). We advise you on plant variety rights and supplementary protection certificates. The US-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (USSFTA) ensures that government agencies do not grant regulatory approvals for counterfeit goods, but Singapore allows parallel imports. Under the Patent Act, with respect to pharmaceutical products, the patent owner has the right to bring an action to prevent an importer of “grey market products” from importing the patent owner`s patented product, provided that the product has not already been sold or distributed in Singapore, the importation results in a breach of contract between the patent owner and a person authorized by the patent owner to distribute the product.

outside Singapore and the importer is aware of it. 12.1.3 Copyright derives directly from creation. Specifically, copyright protection exists in a work as soon as it is expressed or fixed in a material form (e.g. paper, tape, and film). In the case of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works, there must also be an identifiable author who is a natural person (Asia Pacific Publishing Pte Ltd v Pioneer & Leaders (Publishers) Pte Ltd [2011] 4 SLR 381). Unlike registered designs, patents and trademarks, no formalities are required for copyright to exist and there is no system for registering rights. In general, copyright in a protected work or subject matter exists in Singapore when (1) the protected work or subject matter was first published or produced in Singapore or in a Berne Convention or WTO member state; or (2) the author of the work or creator of the subject matter was a citizen or resident of Singapore or a Berne Convention or WTO member country at the time of the first publication or production of the work. “Bryan Ghows has a great deal of knowledge of the local legal landscape, including other personalities, which could be a great resource for dealing with other parties.” 12.3.18 The above approach would give the patent proprietor the full extent, but no more, of the monopoly that a reasonable person in the art intends to claim on reading the claims relating to the patent proprietor (Mühlbauer AG v Manufacturing Integration Technology Ltd [2010] 2 SLR 724; Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials CMP Holdings, Inc.

(formerly known as Rodel Holdings, Inc.) v. NexPlanar Corp and another [2017] SGHC 310). We are always looking to expand our growing team of lawyers, patents and lawyers. Please email your applications or send your applications to [email protected] and we will contact you. AMICA LAW LLC is a leading intellectual property and technology firm. Our directors each have extensive experience in intellectual property management and protection, litigation and enforcement, and marketing and licensing. Our in-depth knowledge and experience provide the expertise to protect, manage and commercialize your intellectual property and technology. We also provide legal assistance in general corporate and specialized business affairs, including joint ventures, sale and purchase, investment, and employment and immigration matters. (2) Whether the rights have been infringed depends on the comparison between the allegedly infringing product and the patent claims “They are responsive and provide factual, clear and business-minded advice at reasonable prices.” Singapore ranked 11th out of 53 globally in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce`s 2020 International Intellectual Property (IP) Index. The index revealed that Singapore`s key strengths include a progressive national IP framework and efforts to expedite search, patent examination and grants. The index also hailed Singapore as a global leader in online patent protection and copyright enforcement.

Despite an estimated decline in software piracy from 35% in 2009 to 27% in 2020, the index found that piracy remains high in a high-income developed country. The lack of transparency and data on customs seizures of IPR infringing goods is also cited as a major weakness. 12.3.12 A patent or patent application is personal property. As such, it and all rights in or under it may be transferred, pledged, licensed or transferred by operation of law in the same manner as any other personal property. An assignment, hypothec, filing of a patent or right in a patent or application, and any consent to a patent, application or right are void unless made in writing and signed by or on behalf of the parties to the transaction. Baker McKenzie Wong & Leow continues to work for some of the largest multinational companies in the pharmaceutical, consumer products and manufacturing sectors, advising them on both portfolio management and intellectual property litigation.