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Legal departments participating in the Diversity Dividends Collective will participate in an annual diversity data collection process – supported by Diversity Lab – that sets diversity goals for external consultants, collects timekeeper and diversity data for the company, and rewards compliance. Recent exemplary initiatives, such as HP`s Diversity and Inclusion initiative for law firms, have resulted in increasingly diverse teams, proving that this approach leads to positive results. You hereby warrant to MTN that you have the legal capacity to enter into and be bound by a contract. Minors must be assisted by their legal guardians when reading these Terms and Conditions. If you are not sure whether you are legally capable of entering into contracts, please ask someone to assist you with this information before continuing to use this website. If you do not agree with any provision of these Terms and Conditions, please immediately stop using or accessing this website. In addition to incorporation counselling, the following legal departments are committed to supporting MTN entities and promoting diversity and inclusion in the legal profession by joining the legal services collectives described below and providing valuable information and expertise to the MTN Fund. Despite decades of hard work by industry stakeholders to diversify the talent pool – from law students to running law firms and legal departments – the needle hasn`t moved fast enough. All costs, including attorney and client-wide legal fees and VAT, incurred by MTN as a result of your use of this Website or the Website Materials or any breach of these Terms and Conditions shall be borne by you. The successful candidate will report to the Chief Legal Officer and ensure that organizational legal issues are handled properly and effectively and that relevant and relevant stakeholders are exchanged, advised and guided appropriately. Our hope is to create and maintain a fair and inclusive legal profession. There are many good reasons for metric-based goals, but there are two main impulses motivating MTN.

To exercise their collective power, many legal departments in MTN`s constitution will require their potential and current external law firms to systematically and progressively staff businesses with various teams and experienced lawyers. Other legal services are also invited to join. To make greater progress, four law firms, 25+ general counsel and a dozen community leaders are taking a different approach. They are collaborating through MTN to create the first experimental “lab” of its kind, where bold new approaches will be developed over five years in law firms to serve as a model for transformative learning and change in the legal profession and beyond. Several of the founding directors of the General Counsel and Legal Department help monitor and drive MTN`s progress by serving on the Advisory Board and as collective project leaders. To provide quick and easy access to partners who have identified themselves as part of a historically underrepresented population in MTN law firms, the Access to Opportunities Collective created the MTN Diverse Partners Directory. This app will help in-house lawyers, press representatives, conference organizers and others increase the visibility of different lawyers and improve access to important opportunities. Diversity Lab will track the use of this app to determine if such a tool could measurably improve access to various lawyers in the legal sector and if it could be extended to lawyers outside the MTN network. With the support of MTN`s four law firms – Eversheds Sutherland, Nixon Peabody, Orrick and Stoel Rives – and 25+ founding legal departments, we hosted a 10-week 1L virtual summer learning and networking forum for summer 2020 and a 6-week program for summer 2021.

With over 300 participating students and 200 network lawyers, we have expanded the program to offer additional sessions to 2L students in fall 2020 and spring 2021. If you breach any of these Terms and Conditions, MTN may immediately, automatically and without notice, terminate your use of and access to MTN`s Website and/or prohibit your future access to use of MTN`s Website and/or take appropriate legal action against you (including, but not limited to, request urgent and/or provisional measures or claim damages). without incurring any liability to you, and all rights of MTN in this regard are expressly reserved. The legal services established by MTN, representing more than $1.5 billion in legal fees annually, are committed to giving various teams of law firms with a particular focus on MTN firms the opportunity to be considered for new and expanded cases. For various lawyers working on or conducting their cases, the heads of the legal department also provide sponsorship in the form of advocacy, feedback and referrals. MTN also reserves the right to carry out statistical analyses of user behavior and characteristics in order to measure the interest and use of the different sections of the Website and Services and to inform advertisers of this information and, where applicable, the number of users who have been exposed or clicked on its advertising banners. We may share your information with other MTN group companies, including their respective partners, agents and subcontractors, for any of the above purposes. In addition, we may disclose your information if we are required to do so by law under the laws of the Republic of South Africa. The NTD community leaders listed below provide valuable insights and data, challenge standards, and help businesses and legal departments achieve their goals. The Move the Needle Fund (“MTN”) is the first joint effort developed and funded by Diversity Lab and four pioneering $5 million law firms to test innovative initiatives to create a more diverse and inclusive legal profession. In parallel, they will also experiment and measure the impact of many of MTN`s innovative efforts in their own legal departments and with their current external lawyers. General Counsel work with MTN firms to achieve their goals and also test some of the innovative initiatives with their current legal departments and external advisors.

19.1. You expressly agree that we may monitor your internet and email traffic on our various servers and website domains. You acknowledge that MTN monitors internet and messaging traffic on these various servers and website domains primarily to ensure that Internet users and consumers are not illegal, illegal or in violation of these Terms and Conditions and: 19.1.1.