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If you have been charged with impaired driving or any other traffic offence, you can get initial legal advice from Martin Hammond of Hammond Trotter Solicitors free of charge via our online forum. If you need to appear in court for a traffic violation, we can help you prepare your case and find a lawyer to represent you in court. With a highly specialised and dedicated team, we are well placed to advise on all aspects of road transport law in England and Wales. We provide expert legal assistance tailored to each client, provide clear and simple advice and strive for the best results. Of course, if you`ve been charged with a traffic violation, like driving without care or attention, or speeding, you`ll worry about what happens next. In a time that is undoubtedly stressful for you and your loved ones, seeking professional legal advice can limit unnecessary worries and ensure that you are well prepared for the consequences. Through our online forum, you will receive free legal advice from Martin on all aspects of alcohol, automobile and road traffic law. That`s why it`s important that you get help quickly. You can tell the police you want legal advice before you talk to them, even if they say they want a casual conversation. Alleged offence:* Speeding Driver`s nameNo insuranceNo precautionsDangerous drivingDrinking and drivingMobile phoneAccidentFailure Stop accidentRed lightOther traffic offences can be punished with heavy penalties. For example, a conviction for dangerous driving could result in an unlimited fine, a driving ban, and up to 14 years in prison. Traffic offences may require expertise like ours. We are a leading law firm providing specialist advice on road traffic law and traffic offences, we operate nationally and cover all parts of England and Wales.

Call now or fill out the form above to receive a free consultation. Contact us today free of charge and without obligation. Talk to us if you need to take action due to a traffic accident. A: It depends on the case. Legal aid is rarely granted for traffic offences before the District Court, such as speeding or reckless driving. However, legal aid may be granted in certain circumstances for more serious traffic offences, such as dangerous driving, drunk driving or a licence. For example, if there is a serious risk of imprisonment, there are difficult legal issues or if expert evidence is involved. Where legal aid is available, it is a means test of the Court of Justice. In most Crown Court cases, legal aid is automatic, but depending on your resources, you may have to make a contribution to the legal aid organization. We no longer deal with mutual legal assistance cases, but we can represent you privately if you wish.

You may have auto, home or legal protection insurance and it`s worth checking if it covers your legal fees. We will check this for you upon request. When you work with us, we get all the facts and details about your personal situation. If necessary, we will contact the court and Crown Prosecution Services for you before the hearing. Our legal representation fees in traffic offenses depend on your plea. Martin has many years of experience representing and defending clients charged with traffic offenses such as drunk driving, in fact, that`s all his law firm does. If you need help with questions about traffic violations, contact First4Lawyers today by calling us for free, requesting a callback when it`s convenient for you, or asking online. We offer free legal advice to everyone and believe that everyone should have access to justice with the help of all legal experts. Patterson Law are traffic attorneys and offer free legal advice over the phone regarding the circumstances of your alleged traffic violation. We cover England and Wales and give you an indication of whether or not you are able to defend your claim. We offer a free review of your needs and then make sure you have the right lawyer for your individual needs.

(Duration – 2:47) Whether you`re facing a traffic accident, dangerous driving charge, or any other traffic violation, our experienced attorneys can make sure you have the best defense. We are one of the fastest growing law firms in the UK, headquartered in Preston, Lancashire. We offer solutions that fit perfectly with your needs. We are always ready to help, the firm offers specialized and complementary legal services in a variety of areas and our mission statement is to provide people with easier access to world-class legal services. Auriga Advocates is unique in the way we treat our clients. We offer not only professional advice, but also understanding and support. We understand the trauma of being prosecuted for a traffic violation. Our traffic lawyers know how you`re feeling right now, and we`re here to relieve stress and anxiety with our expert legal advice, representation and support in your case. You will receive the full attention of a road traffic specialist who will inform you honestly and easily of the progress of your file and the chances of success. Our goal is to promote your case, not our fees.

Martin Hammond is a motor vehicle lawyer, President of the Society of Motoring Law and Managing Director of Hammond Trotter Solicitors. If you are based outside England and Wales or need to appear before a Scottish or international court, we cannot defend you directly. However, we can put you in touch with an experienced team through our professional network and ensure that your legal requirements are met. Trust in your lawyer is very important when it comes to defending driving costs. So make sure you choose the right legal team.