Mobile Court Meaning in Hindi

Recent student protests against anomalies in the transport sector have made reasonable citizens understand that what students did for a few days in the city of Dhaka is in fact the task of mobile courts. Bringing offenders to justice is one of the fundamental tasks of law enforcement. But when abusers seek refuge under large umbrellas, police officers cannot work well alone. They need the support of representative groups of the population as well as other governmental mechanisms. Mobile space plays a decisive role in this. It helps law enforcement gain people`s trust by publicly exposing themselves to scrutiny from another agency. Before the separation of justice, judges who had powers of knowledge and were empowered to hear summary cases under article 260 of the Code of Criminal Procedure conducted mobile court hearings. Following the enactment of the Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Act 2007, district judges and other executive judges no longer had the power to take note of offences, but were subsequently empowered to take cognizance of certain minor offences on the spot and to sentence them summarily under the Mobile Court Act 2009. The main purpose of the on-site procedure is to put an end to the widespread violation of rights by a large number of perpetrators in an area. It is an effective tool to fight crime and thus help law enforcement authorities to maintain public order in society. Imposing sanctions on the ground gives people a good atmosphere, as it gives them an idea of proactive administration and allows them to attend proceedings publicly. This process also gives judges the ability to oversee the activities of law enforcement agencies.

So far, executive judges have been conducting mobile courts in various areas, including the most common measures against food adulteration, pollution, introducing unfair means into public audits, catching fish fry, hoarding expired medicines, etc. In the districts, district judges hold regular meetings of the Law and Order Committee to help them decide when and how the circuit courts will operate through this forum. Sometimes police departments and other departments send letters of request to district judges for the use of mobile courts in certain areas, depending on the needs of the situation. But we found that there is not enough walking in court to punish driving noise and other public and private transport errors in metropolitan areas, especially in the city of Dhaka. Indeed, coordination in metropolitan areas is somewhat difficult. Since municipal police traffic officers are empowered to fine vehicles, the authorities concerned do not acutely perceive the need to hold mobile courts for the transport sector in cities. But after seeing students on the streets of Dhaka city, we believe that municipal traffic management authorities should invite mobile courts of judges because it is useful to gain people`s cooperation to fight against recalcitrant groups in the transport industry who do not want the provisions of the laws to be properly enforced. It may also give the administration the possibility of having a control carried out by third parties. Since people are concerned that police and traffic officers are working honestly and decisively, constant vigilance is required to monitor their activities. Mobile antennas can do this.

We propose that the relevant authorities determine how, when and where mobile courts will be held on the streets of metropolitan areas in order to complement and strengthen the work of law enforcement agencies and departments. On the occasion of the country`s 75th Independence Day, August 15, 2021, the Chief Justice of Uttarakhand High Court, Raghvendra Singh Chauhan, launched the mobile e-van court. এমন একজন ব্যাক্তি যিনি তার অভিজ্ঞতার আলোকে তার ব্যাবসায়িক সফলতার গল্প. Gazi Mizanur Rahman is a former civil servant and now works as a research coordinator at PPRC. A student asks rickshaw drivers to queue on Johnson Road in Dhaka`s Old City in August 2018. We are constantly improving our dictionaries. However, some words may not be available. You can ask other forum members or send us an email. We will try to help you.

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