Marco Legal De La Agricultura Urbana En Colombia

Agreement 605, year 2015, through which “guidelines are formulated to institutionalize the urban and peri-urban agroecological agriculture program in the city of Bogotá”. Colombian Inter-Agency Support Group on Urban and Urban Agriculture (GIAUP). With which the National Development Plan 2010-2014 is published. Are you familiar with this law that creates the national system of agrarian reform and rural peasant development, establishes a subsidy for the acquisition of land, reforms the Colombian Institute of Agrarian Reform and dictates other provisions? Do you know this law The following agreements have also been concluded regarding urban agriculture specifically for its implementation in the city of Bogotá: Through the transition, article 55 of the Political Constitution is developed. By which the rules for standardizing the public portfolio are issued and other provisions are dictated. Thanks to the “Agro, Secure Income – AIS. Are you familiar with this law, as amended by Law 546 of 1999, article 16, paragraph 7, of Law 789 of 2002 and article 6 of Law 973 of 2005 and funds are allocated to social housing. Do you know this legal program “Productive Terraces” of the Granitos de Paz Foundation? b) Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios, click HERE. By which the forest incentive certificate is created and other regulations are dictated. Know this law MANÁ program (Food and Nutritional Improvement Program Department of Antioquia). If you want to know some examples of how urban agriculture projects have been carried out in Bogotá, I invite you to enter these links: Particularly in areas related to urban agriculture, the following projects are being implemented: amending Law 101 of 1993, chain organizations are established in the fields of agriculture, fisheries, forestry, aquaculture, agrarian processing companies, SAT and other regulations. To know this law, which will adopt measures related to the financing of the reactivation of agriculture, fisheries, aquaculture, forestry and agro-industry, and other provisions related to the strengthening of the Colombian Society of Agricultural Research (CORPOICA) Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

The Botanical Garden of Medellín, in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Medellín, has designed a beautiful manual on urban agriculture, which we invite you to read by clicking HERE. By which measures of care, assistance and comprehensive reparation are dictated to the victims of the internal armed conflict, and other provisions are dictated. Know this law, by which standards are dictated to favour rural women. In order to know this law, which restructures the Ministry of Economic Development, the functions of its dependencies are defined, Legislative Decree No. 0177 of the 1st is repealed. of February 1956 lays down the rules relating to contracts for the manufacture and assembly of motor vehicles as well as pricing policy and other provisions. Know this law. This will change the establishment, operation and functioning of municipal agricultural technical assistance units, UMATA, and direct rural technical assistance will be regulated in accordance with the National Science and Technology System. The cleansing of false tradition and other provisions are dictated.

Knowledge of this law You are commenting with your account. ( Exit/Edit ) Let me know about new comments by email. It contains provisions to promote scientific research and technological development and confers extraordinary powers. Enter your details or click on an icon to log in: The José Celestino Mutis Botanical Garden in Bogotá. which regulates the exercise of the profession of administrator in agro-industrial development.