48 Laws of Power Law 50

The overall theme of the book is good – be fearless. Don`t complain about your current situation, fully accept reality, and do everything in your power to move forward. Very empowering. I have no problem with the general central theme. Where I get offended is when the author uses random events in the story to reinforce a particular point of view. And then uses another random event in history to support a contradictory point of view. He praised the virtue of Napoleon Bonaparte. Here are literal quotes from the book: “Napoleon Bonaparte represents a classic fearless type.” Your goal is to follow the path of Napoleon. There are no Alps and no obstacles that can stand in the way of a person without fear. Okay. I understand. But then, very quickly, he warns against too much rigidity: “A leader can come to power by courageous acts, but when times change and demand something more cautious, he will usually continue with his bold approach.

It is not strong enough to adapt; He is a prisoner of his solid nature. What has elevated him above others then becomes the source of his downfall. Be brave and fearless. Unless it`s not such a good idea! The less interested you are in the things that irritate you, the more superior you seem. By recognizing your enemy, you give his existence credibility and therefore power. Paradoxically, the more you want something, the more it escapes you because your interest is too strong, which makes others feel uncomfortable and anxious. From time to time, it is best to leave things alone. By turning your back on what you want, you will drive your opponents crazy. Greene notes that the better you get to give up power, the best friend, the best lover, and the better person you become. This is because you learn to make others feel good, which makes them dependent on you, as a source of great joy to be there.

Make your success seem simple. Hide all the efforts and tricks you have used to achieve this, otherwise it will arouse too much curiosity in others. Don`t tell anyone how you reached your position of power, otherwise they might use it against you. There are great benefits to standing still. The more mysterious your actions seem, the greater your power seems to be. This will give the impression that you have an exclusive gift that no one can reproduce and that knows no limits. If you have recently entered a position of power or are an outsider trying to claim it, respect the way people have lived so far. Too much change will provoke revolt.

To introduce change, make it appear as a gradual and gentle improvement of the past. Your goal in every maneuver of life should be the property of working the corner for yourself. If it`s up to you to lose, you`re more motivated, more creative, more alive. The ultimate strength in life is to be completely independent, completely yourself. For Greene, power is amoral. It`s a game. A social game. To master it, you need to be able to study and understand people. Nevertheless, you must always take the most indirect path to power.

“The 48 Laws of Power” is a manual on the different arts of the Directorate. Humans are creatures of habit who seek familiar patterns in the behavior of others. By acting unpredictably, your opponents will get tired trying to predict and analyze your movements. This sometimes means hitting without warning. When you act predictably, you give power over yourself to others. If you act in a surprising way, they will feel like they don`t understand you and will be intimidated. “When things are going well, you have to be worried and vigilant at that time. You know it won`t last and you won`t be caught off guard. When things go wrong, you are more encouraged and fearless. Finally, you have material for a powerful reversal, a chance to prove yourself.

Choose your opponents wisely. There are people who, once defeated, will spend the rest of their lives taking revenge. Therefore, it is worth not insulting the wrong person. The ability to properly measure people is the most important thing to gain and maintain power. Make sure you know everything about a person before working with them. All problems can usually be attributed to a single person. By exterminating this person and preventing him from operating, you will stop his influence. Do not waste time, otherwise their influence will multiply. In each group, power is concentrated in one or two people. Therefore, it is important to understand who controls the group. This becomes even more difficult, as troublemakers prefer to disguise their actions.

However, isolate their power and they become superfluous. If you decide to isolate yourself from your enemies and the world as a whole, you will cut yourself off valuable information. This makes you vulnerable to attacks. It`s always best to mingle with people, as you`ll be better protected in a crowd. Because humans are social beings, power comes with social interaction. By constantly going against the tide in public, people will start to annoy you because you feel inferior. Practice merging and hiding your true feelings to cultivate the common touch. This way, you will be left alone to express your true beliefs in a targeted way. Once a power base is established, you can begin to spread your beliefs gradually, and they are more likely to be embraced. Feeling helpless is a miserable experience. If everyone had a choice, they would choose more power rather than less. But being so open in attempts to gain power is frowned upon.

To come to power, you have to be subtle, cunning and democratic, but sneaky. Therefore, bestselling author Robert Greene argues in his controversial book “The 48 Laws of Power” that if you manage to seduce, charm, and deceive your opponents, you will gain the ultimate power. This book totally surprised me. I was looking for a book “POWER”, and my boy! 50 cents is cooler than I could have ever imagined, from his upbringing to where he is now, was a carefully planned course that is obvious in hindsight – impressive. Another jewel of the Masters of Power! “. Your fears are a kind of prison that limits you to a limited field of action. The less afraid you are, the more power you will have and the more completely you will live. Power exists in a concentrated form. In any organization, power will come from a small group of people who hold all the strings. Therefore, power is like oil, you only have to beat it once to ensure wealth and power for a lifetime. Since the truth is often ugly, if you turn to it, you risk being bombarded with the rage of disillusionment. By tapping into the fantasies of the masses instead, people will flock to you while offering an alternative to disillusionment with reality.

By observing which aspects of daily life are most hated, one can evoke fantasies that promise the opposite of people`s current realities, thus exercising phenomenal power. Capitulate before you are about to be defeated. This will give you more time to plan your revenge and torment your conqueror. By yielding, you deny them the satisfaction of destroying you. In doing so, you make the act of abandonment a tool of power. Ways to fill the void of their insecurity or unhappiness to wield meaningful power The burden is on your shoulders, and it is time for us to use the power of universal laws. Preserve your energies by concentrating them all in one source of strength. When you search for such a source, you identify a unique source that will support you for a long time. You gain more power by finding a single rich source than by going back and forth between much flatter sources of power. According to Greene, 50 Cent is an example of what Machiavelli called a new prince, a leader who appears in a time of chaos or turmoil and rewrites the rules.

[8] According to 50 Cent, Greene`s books describe the laws and strategies used on the street, even though they may not know the “technical terms” of what they were doing. [10] Discover the definitive story of DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, in this Pulitzer Prize finalist by the author of the New York Times bestseller Area 51. No one has ever written the history of the Defense Ministry`s most secretive, powerful, and controversial military science research and development agency. In the organization`s first-ever article, New York Times bestselling author Annie Jacobsen draws on internal sources, exclusive interviews, private documents, and declassified memos to paint a picture of DARPA or “the brain of the Pentagon.” The courtier exercises power by discreet means. By flattering and yielding to their superiors and asserting their power only through charm and grace, they gradually accumulate an ever-increasing amount of power. There are several steps one can take to become the perfect courtier, and they include the following: Your reputation is the cornerstone of your power. You can use it to intimidate and win, but when it`s obscured, you open yourself up to being vulnerable to attacks. Make your reputation impenetrable and predict attacks before they happen. Help yourself in this endeavor by destroying your enemies by exploiting the holes in their reputation and letting the public destroy them. Do not accept the role that society has given you. Forge your own identity, the one that attracts attention.

Control your image instead of letting others dictate to you. Transform yourself into a figure of power, as if you were formed from clay. “We were worried about our livelihoods, the future of our families and children, our personal health and the aging process. Instead of a simple and intense fear of something powerful and real, we have developed a kind of generalized fear. It was as if the thousands of years we felt the fear of nature couldn`t go away – we had to find something to focus our fear on, no matter how small or unlikely it was. “The turning point for me was something I`m enjoying right now.